eleven, twelve.

Unless you have some kind of legit super power, it’s impossible to stop time. It could only move forward, and we move forward along with it. You can wish as much as you want to just stay in one moment for the rest of your life, but everything around you will continue to change and you’ll be the only one who’s still not moving.

You have to never stop telling yourself that things will eventually get better. But, indeed, things won’t get better if you’re only waiting for miracles to come to you. You need to move. Forward. Move on. No matter how painful today was, you shouldn’t expect to feel the same way again tomorrow. Another day comes and you’ll welcome it with a clean slate. But never ever forget yesterday. Your past isn’t deleted every time you sleep, but you’re always given another day. Another chance to make things happen for yourself.

Self-pity won’t get you a diploma, or a job. Yes, the world is indeed unfair, but it’s only “unfair” because the things you want aren’t spoon-fed to you, and you want instant gratification. The people who actually make it are happy with who they are, what they have, and where they are, because they’re the ones who wanted things to happen and worked hard to get there and stay there.

In a few hours, it’s another clean slate for you. Another year of mistakes and happiness, it’s your choice. It doesn’t matter if your decisions are right or wrong, because at one point, you wanted it, so you don’t have the right to complain. Learn to accept everything and learn from your idlest moments to your best times.

For anything and everything that you would encounter in 2012, you should always be ready to say, “Challenge accepted.”

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